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Frankies 925 Spuntino brings Tennessee the comforting, effortlessly elegant Italian-American fare that has made the original Frankies 457 Spuntino in Brooklyn one of the country’s most essential restaurants since its founding in 2004. True to the Frankies philosophy, the Nashville outpost strives to deliver the highest quality at a friendly price, in a warm, decidedly unstuffy atmosphere that feels like a second home, even to first-time visitors. 

In his final review as dining critic of the New York Times, Sam Sifton put it like this: “The best meal I had on the job? It was in the garden of Frankies on a summer evening. We had what everyone always has at Frankies: crostini and some romaine hearts, meatballs, beets, cold rib-eye salad, braciola marinara. The adults talked over cold red wine. A little breeze moved through the trees. The food was simple and elegant. Nothing was wrong. Everything was right. It would have been nice if it could have gone on forever.”

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